Human nutrition has become a huge topic of interest in recent decades. We understand that what we put in our bodies matters. With so much money going into research, we are very lucky we have access to so much information about health, nutrition, and food. Now it is time for us to apply that knowledge to pets as well. Using the same information, wouldn’t it make sense that it matters what we put in our pet’s bodies as well?

This brings us to our first NO-NO ingredient…..Corn.

Corn is used in many conventional dog foods. It is often used as a main ingredient since it is so inexpensive. Corn can be harmful and needs to be avoided in your pet’s diet. Here are a couple of facts about corn and our animals.

1) Toxins

Almost all corn today is sprayed with pesticides. These toxins can end up in your dog’s food unless you choose a food without corn. If the corn was not sprayed, it is generally a GMO type corn, which creates its own internal toxins to kill off pests.

2) Allergies

Corn is one of the top 4 allergens in animals.

3) Digestion

Corn is not easily digestible and can cause discomfort in the belly.

4) Nutrition

Corn is one of the least nutritionally dense foods on the planet.

Corn is a cheap filler that provides no true nutritional benefit to your animal. In fact, it can cause much more harm than good, like allergies, digestive issues, and toxins that can cause long-term harm to your pet’s overall health. Avoid using food AND treats containing corn.